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Latest 12 Public Decks

Look Mom No Hand

Created by Azure_blade13

Deck around making the opponent discard his hand and stopping his board from doing things to yours. Terra is there simply to be an...


Not So Standard Units

Created by Azure_blade13

Really fun and good deck to play with. Based around making your little guys become pretty big through WoL, maria, and wakka. Plays very aggressively...

water wind

P.O.K.E. (Punch of Kill Everything)

Created by Rx Only

This deck is simple, straight forward to use, and will embarrass every deck that is not prepared for its "jank."This is the bane of...

fire wind light

cool breeze

Created by boomboomwhoop

first draft of an idea of a mill/hand destruction control deck. any input welcome

ice wind water

Trumps Deck

Created by TCGAlicante

"I´m gonna build a wall" Pues aquí lo tenéis, un verdadero "muro" a base de iniciativa, invocaciones y ralentizar a tu oponente en todos...

ice wind


Created by TCGAlicante

Midrange donde los haya. Basicamente todo el mundo conoce este deck, Baja un Cloud, comienza a atacar mientras defiende con bravura y GG, rompe...

fire earth light

Golbez 4x4

Created by TCGAlicante

Un deck midrange para los amantes del combo. Es un deck bastante sencillo, se basa en ir bajando un par de soportes a campo...

lightning earth wind light


Created by TCGAlicante

Realmente difícil de jugar, Devout-tion es deck que se basa completamente en su pila de descartes para reutilizar habilidades, obteniendo la ventaja justa para...

ice lightning

WIP Golbez

Created by broodoo

Remove: 1x Tifa 2x Red XIII 1x Onion Knight 1x Monk Add: 2x Kain 1x Gippal 1x Serafie 1x Gilgamesh

lightning earth fire wind water light

my current mono Lightning deck

Created by Jazy Sweeney

this is my first actual deck as in my area the game is in shot supply so this what I came up with from...


Fire/Earth Aggro

Created by Fohristiwhirll

<< No Description >>

fire earth light

The True Water Kick

Created by TCGAlicante

Simple y pura potencia: "The True Water Kick" es un deck pensado para esos jugadores que disfrutan sacandole el máximo partido a la batalla...

fire water dark