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Latest 12 Public Decks


Created by TheLonesomeCrow

<< No Description >>

ice lightning

War of the lions

Created by treebeard xiii

I heard that people were looking for a Tactics based deck this is the best i managed to come up with. If you want...

lightning earth water light


Created by Stingersfury


fire lightning

Cardiff Regional - 9th place Ice/Earth

Created by Insacuri

<< No Description >>

ice earth dark

Warrior of MonoEarth

Created by rokubungi86

<< No Description >>

earth fire light

Mono Earth

Created by Justshez | Invalid Deck Size

<< No Description >>

earth light dark


Created by The Rogue Games

Cool synergy between Dancer and Moomba.

ice wind dark


Created by jcoke21

<< No Description >>

lightning fire light water

Earth & Lightning

Created by Jack-H21

Deck focused around Army of One.

lightning earth

Mono Ice

Created by PureShield

<< No Description >>


Mono Aria

Created by AndreMoguri

<< No Description >>