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Latest 12 Public Decks


Created by IchabodtheShadow

<< No Description >>

water lightning earth fire dark

Tsbitch VII

Created by Llednar10

A thematic quasi-competitive ball-busting Fire/Ice deck based on Tsviet and VII characters. and offering multifarious possibilities ranging from dulling and freezing to preventing characters...

fire ice light


Created by Bigboimagician

<< No Description >>

ice fire


Created by MrRitman

A bunch of unblockable forwards to make your oponnent cry.

fire wind dark


Created by Frank

Keep stuff dull forever.

ice fire

Random Deck Of Fire, Wind And Light (Fire, Wind & Light)

Created by Juan Puñias

He quickly needed a deck to play in an upcoming tournament. I’ve tried to make it dynamic, fast and fun... It may seem simple,...

fire wind light

Deck Tex

Created by Obregon

<< No Description >>

wind lightning

ovelia u are such a hoe

Created by Nuj4bes

dark nighto

water earth light

O3 I/F

Created by Brave

<< No Description >>

fire ice

Haste Blitzkreig

Created by lzbth77

<< No Description >>

lightning fire dark

Fire/Earth Midrange

Created by The Rogue Games

<< No Description >>

earth fire light

Mono Earth

Created by TeepoMaster

My competitive deck for Xburst UK