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Latest 12 Public Decks

Zodiark Tidus

Created by Joshtcg

You're aiming for this; Tidus, Emperor, Minwu. Zodiark and Tidus in hand.

water dark


Created by selenagomezprime

<< No Description >>

water earth dark

Double Date at the Golden State

Created by Benny

DOUBLE DATE TIME!!! Vincent + Yuffie Yang + Ursula The general strategy is to get out beefy characters, brave attack all day, and destroy others with Atomos/Raubahn...

earth water wind dark

Three Color Protection

Created by Akoia

Strong protection suite for your units to stick, and Multi attack and Minerva for Late game. As always, constructive criticism welcome.

water wind ice light

Frozen Darkness

Created by Horoxix

<< No Description >>

ice dark

Activate Wind

Created by EdgarChainsaw

So the point of this deck is to burn away their Forwards with Y'shtola, Balthier, and the Dancers. Barbariccia H and R make...


Ice brew

Created by Wiggles

<< No Description >>

ice water light

Mother Gaia

Created by Horoxix

Just my first deck. Going with a wind/earth theme.

wind earth

ff 7 fun times

Created by onisnake

<< No Description >>

fire wind light

Mono L

Created by Nixsnut | Invalid Deck Size

<< No Description >>


Ice Control

Created by Akoia

Any constructive criticism welcome

ice dark

Mono Water

Created by Mercurial8888

FFIX Tribal

water light