Sad news.

Hi guys,

Its unfortunate to say that I don't have the time to maintain or update this site anymore, and will very likely be closing the site down come the end of January. This is due to server hosting costs, work being demanding, and the fact I've stopped playing as I have no-one to play the game with.

If someone would like to take over the development and hosting of the site, please drop me a line at - the codebase is freely available here:

Thanks to everyone who has supported the site since its inception.


Latest 12 Public Decks

Seventh Heaven

Created by Kirielle

Mono-Fire Tifa x Cloud Deck

fire light

cadets format Title

Created by rhyas

<< No Description >>

wind lightning fire ice light

Cadet deck 2.0

Created by Tibbletoad

New Deck cards, tips are welcomed :)

lightning wind fire light


Created by Pegado

Manikin and exdeath

wind fire ice earth lightning light dark

FFX - test

Created by Kit Venture

My First Deck Build, Just a test

water wind dark

Ice Lightning

Created by Hiita | Invalid Deck Size

2 OP4 Serah 3 OP4 Esthar Soldier 2 OP4 Shiva

ice lightning dark

Core C-R-H-L

Created by Hiita | Invalid Deck Size

Opus 4 cards Arithmetician Shiva Cid Randell Serah Babus Mecha Chocobo Remidi A decent deck looks like 10 summons (3x Shiva OP1, 2x Shiva OP4 2x Shiva OP3 3x Odin OP1) 16 backups...



Created by Rykiu

<< No Description >>


Leblanc Syndicate

Created by kuja488

<< No Description >>

earth lightning light


Created by Izekawa

<< No Description >>

ice water


Created by kuja488

<< No Description >>

ice fire light


Created by Golden Owen

Just a fun deck to play that can work well if played correctly! Enjoy! Expensive CP costs for cards but reward is worth it!

wind water light