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Latest 12 Public Decks

Discard mono ice

Created by Erfoxi

This is a sperimental deck in prossimity of release opus II in italy. Many cards change after the release. In this mono ice deck , i...


War of standard

Created by William

Warrior of light plus standard units

water fire wind light

Gilgamesh, King of Heroes

Created by rokubungi86

<< No Description >>

lightning earth fire wind water light

city of god

Created by pucci

<< No Description >>

earth lightning wind fire light water

Kefka is King

Created by Rx Only

Mono-Earth. Kefka is King. Hilarious and efficient. Win/stall early game with 6k 2 drops. Build your backups. Get Kefka on the field and start...

earth dark

karu 2

Created by avabruck

<< No Description >>

lightning wind

karu deck

Created by avabruck

<< No Description >>

lightning ice

Victor deck

Created by avabruck

<< No Description >>

earth ice

BDH 3/25/2017 Ice/Fire

Created by Denzyne

Ice and Fire deck played by Jared at Blind Dragon Hobbies event on 3/25/2017. First Place

ice fire

BDH 3/25/2017 Golbez no Gilgamesh

Created by Denzyne

Golbez list played by Steven L. on 3/25/2017 at Blind Dragon Hobbies event. Second place/

earth lightning wind fire water light


Created by Nero 77

<< No Description >>

earth water

Viento Tierra

Created by delafontt

<< No Description >>

earth wind dark