Death and Taxes

Author: karloski | Card Count: 38 Invalid Deck Size

Based on the popular Magic: The Gathering deck of the same name. The goal is to control your opponent's actions by taxing (making them pay extra mana) and other disruptive elements.

Opus 4 Cards:
3x Cid Randell
3x Remedi
3x Mewt
3x Babus

3x Swampmonk
3x Sage
3x Weiss
3x Time Mage
3x Cannoneer
3x Shiva (R)
3x Doctor Cid
3x Squall (H)
3x Terra (H)
3x Bard (C)
3x Arithmetician
3x Ghoul
3x Leon

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This sounds good in theory, but it is very expensive. I'd like to see it played to see how it flows. The removal of cards from the opponent might slow them down enough to allow for the expense. Plus many of the effects target both players, so having fe