Budget Gilgamesh

Author: spicytuna | Card Count: 50

Here's a deck that only uses Commons and Rares, which are basically this game's uncommons, so it's definitely a great start for anyone wanting to try the game without having to invest too much. I think that Gilgamesh (3R) was really pushed for it's rarity and the starter version (4S) has a really powerful Special ability.

We're running all 9 Gilgamesh cards and because our mana base is mostly Lightning, paying "SLL" for "Gilgamesh Morphing Time" and "Divider" should be no problem. Outside of that we have some support in our backups with Cait Sith, Ramza, and a single Cecil.
Unfortunately in FFTCG you can't float mana so it's a little more difficult to generate extra mana with him but what he can do is give you extra uses of Geomancer, Alma, and Red Mage. That extra value can go a long way, and with Geomancer can help you trigger Gilgamesh's (4C) "Strongest Sword" ability by checking the top of your deck to make sure he breaks your target.

Cait Sith is a great cheap effect and can just steal games sometimes when you're able to swing in with Gilgamesh's (3R) double attack.

We're running a single Cecil as some insurance late game and he's just a solid all around midrange card. He helps keep Gilgamesh safe.

Lastly we have a couple (4R) Lighting because she just can cause havoc on your opponent's defense in the late game. Being able to Dull a potential blocker and also having Haste just adds a ton of pressure in the late stages of the game.

Our backups here are mainly to help keep the opponent's side a little more clear for opportunities to double attack. We have Geomancer and Alma to make sure the Gilgamesh's keep coming. Because we're a little light on Water, getting blue mana can be a bit difficult so Summoner helps us cheat our mana a bit as well as giving us a slight discount on our Summons, albeit with the cost of breaking him. There's plenty of Lighting backups so we won't be hurting too badly when we sacrifice him. Red Mage can get you some sneak attacks that your opponent didn't see coming.

Leviathan, the Odins, and Ramuh help us control the board. Moogle has been solid for cultivating your hand but don't hesitate to pitch them if you have to cast a Geomancer or Alma. Fairy has surprisingly been really great. You can use it to Activate Ramza and get even more activations out of your backups, Target your Gilgamesh for possible multiple "Strongest Sword" attacks.

While this is definitely not the most streamlined, Tier 1 deck (if there is such a thing currently in the infancy of this game), I personally feel that this deck can hang with the big boy decks and not Limit Break your wallet. It showcases a lot of what's cool mechanically about the Final Fantasy TCG and who doesn't love Gilgamesh?

Make sure when you try this deck out, you play "Clash on the Big Bridge" while you smash your friends Gilgamesh Morphing Time or machine gun down their board with Divider.


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