Wanderer of Time (Tempo budget)

Author: t3hc0rr0d3r | Card Count: 50

This deck revolves around Terra and Gilgamesh's aggro/control potential, muddling to the mix a bunch of cards that can dull the opponent's forwards (to let yours attack without being blocked or to trigger R Terra).
Rygdea, Ramuh and C Shiva work as early removals but can pair with Black Mage in late game; S Gilgamesh and Odin are self-explainatory.
Sage and Devout grant card advantage.
Ricard and Summoner (Ice) protect your key forwards, although H Terra and S Gilgamesh can yet somehow protect themselves.

CP curve:
1CP = 6 cards
2CP = 9 cards
3CP = 14 cards
4CP = 21 cards

Possible changes (you'll need some money, though):
-2 Ricard
-2 Summoner (Ice)
+1 R Laguna
+3 L Squall

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