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Mono-lighting lulu-H varient
Created by shifty

its won me tournaments so it cant be that bad right?

fire earth dark
Created by Hiita

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ice water dark
Created by kickme829

The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes. As for cost, we selected initial values based upon data from the Open Beta and other adjustments made to milestone rewards before launch. Among other things,...

lightning wind earth water dark
Flash Storm
Created by FangedOne

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earth light
Created by FangedOne

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wind earth fire lightning water dark
Created by FangedOne

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fire earth light
Created by Kozmic

Onion Knight place holder for Hauyn

lightning earth wind fire water ice dark
Created by FangedOne

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water wind light
Created by keitaro1990


wind earth lightning
Tricolour Ninjas
Created by SilverSeraph

Thought I'd experiment with an Earth/Lightning/Wind kind of ninjas deck.

earth light
Created by Mister Brock

This is the mono earth deck that I won the last two weekly tournaments with at Skyward Fire. Will have to see if it can hold another! The best combos are the free to play Serafie on turn one. The Vanille into Yang...

water wind
Created by TranceGodz

This is a deck inspired from Sixth Sage Gaming where you aim to perform party attacks with lots of draw power. I've added some of the newer chocobo cards and tweaked the ratios to my liking. Any reccomdation on changes will be...

water ice light
Created by Zigthefrog

Trying to come up with a good list for Hurdy. Any help would be appreciated! :) Defend with cheap summons while building moogle backups. Move to late game with ultimecia and random dulling effects.

water mono v3
Created by BigFatPig

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fire water
Boiled water (Machina variant)
Created by MrRitman

The mechanics are simple: Is an aggro deck that tries to overwhelm our rival with extrem force: Amarant can throw any forward (boosted or not), even himself, to destroy Forwards that bothers us. Yuna H is to evade Rinoa's or other Xande's. And thanks to...

fire water
Boiled water
Created by MrRitman

Aggro deck.

earth fire light wind
Rebirth rush
Created by IchabodtheShadow

<< No Description >>

ice wind dark
Kingdom Lion Hearts
Created by IchabodtheShadow

<< No Description >>

Water Mono
Created by BigFatPig

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water wind fire lightning
Wind Water Yuna Tempo
Created by GronkTheSlayer

The deck focuses on Yuna synergies with other cards. Tidus and Rikku are good at putting the pressure on your opponent untilYuna and Lenne are able to party up and swing. They can tutor up any of the 19 summons and cat...

fire lightning light
FF7 Trio
Created by Kozmic

Based on JP winning list

earth fire light
Created by Llednar10

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lightning water
dragoon standard buff
Created by kukujiao

<< No Description >>

earth fire water light
Pains For GAins
Created by C7u3

I basically hurt my self to make my units better.

fire wind dark
Created by MrGrey

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