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Discard mono ice
Created by Erfoxi

This is a sperimental deck in prossimity of release opus II in italy. Many cards change after the release. In this mono ice deck , i can using 17 cards to discarding hand.

water fire wind light
War of standard
Created by William

Warrior of light plus standard units

lightning earth fire wind water light
Gilgamesh, King of Heroes
Created by rokubungi86

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earth lightning wind fire light water
city of god
Created by pucci

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earth dark
Kefka is King
Created by Rx Only

Mono-Earth. Kefka is King. Hilarious and efficient. Win/stall early game with 6k 2 drops. Build your backups. Get Kefka on the field and start attacking. Basically, the deck relies on two things: 1. Building backups as fast as possible (2 drops and...

lightning wind
karu 2
Created by avabruck

<< No Description >>

lightning ice
karu deck
Created by avabruck

<< No Description >>

earth ice
Victor deck
Created by avabruck

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ice fire
BDH 3/25/2017 Ice/Fire
Created by Denzyne

Ice and Fire deck played by Jared at Blind Dragon Hobbies event on 3/25/2017. First Place

earth lightning wind fire water light
BDH 3/25/2017 Golbez no Gilgamesh
Created by Denzyne

Golbez list played by Steven L. on 3/25/2017 at Blind Dragon Hobbies event. Second place/

earth water
Created by Nero 77

<< No Description >>

earth wind dark
Viento Tierra
Created by delafontt

<< No Description >>

water wind
Created by Kriztya | Invalid Deck Size

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fire earth light
Fire/Earth for the Pokemon Prodigy
Created by Lalond

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earth water fire dark
Bow Before The Emperor
Created by Wickenbreux

Multi Purpose Deck that offers lots of cheap standard forwards, powered up by Warrior of Light and Kefka. Then Ultimate Attack/Defence Combo Priche and Garland. Finally the name sake Emperor. All protected by Minwus grace. As a final touch, Yuna is there...

earth lightning water light wind
Golbez Midrange
Created by z jakob

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ice lightning light
Ice/Lightning control by Athreos
Created by Athreos

Hi everyone, this is a decklist i made on my youtube channel crystal point. I competed with this in an OCTGN tournament of 61. Was 6-0 in swiss to top 8. and came 3rd in a top 8 bo3 elimination

water wind light fire
Created by Stingersfury


fire wind light
F/W unblockable aggro
Created by Chris Green

Outrun your opponents with haste :D

lightning ice dark
Lightning/Ice Control Deck
Created by PointBreakerPt

Deck focusing on being desctructive as possible and testing some stuff. Help please :)

fire earth light
2do Lugar Torneo Santiago Chile 25/03/17
Created by jovenabuelo

16 personas Tienda Warpig Games Reemplazar Cloud S por Cloud L ASAP

ice water
Ice Water Wakka Control
Created by Dr.Jund

<< No Description >>

earth water
Final Opus 1 Deck
Created by Ranseur

<< No Description >>

wind lightning light
Opportunity attack - Wind/Lightning
Created by EmrXald

WIP The core idea of the deck is to play aggressive and get in fast points of damage early with haste creatures nad yuffie/zidane and reset the board to get a final attack and win. You are low on removal and only have...

fire wind light
Break through
Created by Nageto

Overpower or sneak past your enemies. Winning deck at 9 player local tournament.