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lightning wind fire light
Cadet deck 2.0
Created by Tibbletoad

New Deck cards, tips are welcomed :)

wind fire ice earth lightning light dark
Created by Pegado

Manikin and exdeath

water wind dark
FFX - test
Created by Kit Venture

My First Deck Build, Just a test

ice lightning dark
Ice Lightning
Created by Hiita | Invalid Deck Size

2 OP4 Serah 3 OP4 Esthar Soldier 2 OP4 Shiva

Core C-R-H-L
Created by Hiita | Invalid Deck Size

Opus 4 cards Arithmetician Shiva Cid Randell Serah Babus Mecha Chocobo Remidi A decent deck looks like 10 summons (3x Shiva OP1, 2x Shiva OP4 2x Shiva OP3 3x Odin OP1) 16 backups (3x Devout, 3x Jihl Starter, 1xJihl OP2, 3x Mog XIII-2, 2x Red Mage OP1, 2x Esthar Soldier...

Created by Rykiu

<< No Description >>

earth lightning light
Leblanc Syndicate
Created by kuja488

<< No Description >>

ice water
Created by Izekawa

<< No Description >>

ice fire light
Created by kuja488

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wind water light
Created by Golden Owen

Just a fun deck to play that can work well if played correctly! Enjoy! Expensive CP costs for cards but reward is worth it!

lightning wind fire ice water light dark
Cards with haste (and cards that can give haste)
Created by ksquared1166 | Invalid Deck Size

This is not an actual deck, it's just a reference I use and figure i'd make it public for anyone trying to make a haste deck.

ice water
Ultimecia's Revenge
Created by SilverSeraph

ice/water ffta and ffviii (or will be when opus iv comes in) (so basically waiting on cid/babus)

ice dark
Death and Taxes
Created by karloski | Invalid Deck Size

Based on the popular Magic: The Gathering deck of the same name. The goal is to control your opponent's actions by taxing (making them pay extra mana) and other disruptive elements. Opus 4 Cards: 3x Cid Randell 3x Remedi 3x Mewt 3x Babus Maybeboard: 3x Swampmonk 3x Sage 3x Weiss 3x Time...

Ladies of Water
Created by ccordero111 | Invalid Deck Size

Opus 4 cards 2 Summoner 3 Green Dragon 3 Tomberries 3 Adamantoise 1 Tonbetty 2 Mira 1 Relm

Mono Fire (first attempt)
Created by arcswitch

This is my first attempt at making a deck.

Standard Ice
Created by baconandeggs32

Just started this card game, and I went for a budget friendly deck. Any improvement thoughts?

Created by MrGrey

never lost.

lightning light
Hey guys, how's it going, Netdeck here.
Created by kickme829

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about a really cool deck called "mono lightning". I don't run Noel because i just keep losing.

Tierra Pauper
Created by NaZe

Sólo comunes y raras. Monk WRO

wind water dark
Created by keitaro1990


wind water dark
Created by keitaro1990


lightning fire
lightning/fire Lulu-H experiment
Created by shifty

i love mono-lightning especially Lulu-H so i thought i'd try and make it more burn focused and forward heavy. ill be making frequent changes after some play-testing but im keeping it cheap before i get more expensive fire cards to test

fire earth dark
Created by Hiita

<< No Description >>

ice water dark
Created by kickme829

The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes. As for cost, we selected initial values based upon data from the Open Beta and other adjustments made to milestone rewards before launch. Among other things,...

lightning wind earth water dark
Flash Storm
Created by FangedOne

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