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Golbez Backin Up

Created by Randumb

Here's a slight opposite to my Golbez Rush that I've loved for a long time. This time there are backups, so Gilgamesh and Cait...

lightning earth light fire wind water

Golbez Going Forward

Created by Randumb

Go Golbez Go! Mulligan for Golbez! No luck? Dull and Haste everything!

lightning earth wind fire water light

Concrete Damage

Created by Randumb

Would Love feedback!!!! The main goal is to have an aggressive deck that can counter people trying to destroy your backups or forwards. This is...

earth water dark wind

Flowing Fire

Created by Randumb

My first attempt at a deck. Would love feedback. Just trying to build a deck based on the cards I have in real life....

fire wind light