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Golbez/Gilgamesh NO BACKUPS

Created by SeanYo

Inspired by the recent Japanese deck that performed extremely well in a tournament. I couldn't wait for the official deck list so I made my...

lightning earth water fire wind light

Lightning/Earth Specials + Removal Deck

Created by SeanYo

I once used Omnislash 4 times. Sage + Serafie + Good Specials = BROKEN. If you're looking for a powerful and versatile deck, try this one...

lightning earth light

Gilgasith Tidus

Created by SeanYo

This deck has been testing surprisingly well and is a blast to play! Use Geomancer to make sure the top card of your deck is...

lightning water light

Cloud & Squall Forever

Created by SeanYo

Fire and Ice have a surprising amount of synergy! -Squall + Burn for some tricky power plays. -Snow + Tifa for mass dulling of your...

fire ice light